Vision Like Thomas Edison

Recently saw the movie “Young Thomas Edison” which made me realize that if you have a vision like Thomas Edison, you can overcome anything. Maybe you were already aware of the struggles he had growing up but the bottom line is he kept on going.

Thomas Edison had a vision. No matter what his challenges were he kept progressing forward toward what he believed. He developed a hearing problem at an early age. He was kicked out of school because he was not a good learner. He continually caused disturbances at school with his creativity. His friends made fun of him. No one would hire him because they considered him a trouble maker and addler.


What he really wanted to do was help others and make things easier for all of us. Which we would all have to agree that he did. One example of this was when his mother became ill and needed surgery. There was not enough light in the room to perform the surgery so, with his creative mind, he found a way to get more light in the room by using the reflection from a mirror (according to the movie). The doctor was able to perform the surgery. His mother lived.

My point is no matter what stuggles we have had in the past, there is a way to get back on track.  Don’t let previous failures or disappointments cause you to give up.  Make a change today.

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