It's Time To Start Declaring Your Personal Freedom

Over the next few days, I’m doing to be talking about “declaring your personal freedom”.  We all want freedom but many times we let social oppression and the self oppression of fear keep us from living a life of personal freedom.

In this video and post I will be talking about what personal freedom actually means to most of us.


 It would be safe to say that people worldwide deeply desire the grand freedoms:

Social Freedom
Emotional Freedom
Creative Freedom
Financial Freedom
Time Freedom
Spiritual Freedom

Personal freedom is:

-Creating life on our own terms

 -Being free from past hurts and present anxieties

-Being lighthearted & spontaneous as free spirits

-Courageously speaking our thoughts, feelings, and ambitions to those around us

-Creating life on our own terms

-Feeling free to enjoy happiness, wealth, health, achievement & contribution

-Freely loving whom we choose

-Standing freely on our own, profession and protecting our ides and integrity

-Serving a mission we have chosen

-Fighting to give our children freedom, building in their hearts they can live s they choose

-Pursuit of happiness, challenge, progress, creative expression, contribution, wisdom and enlightenment.

Personal freedom is only achieved by diligent will and volition.

Many have given up on their dreams in order to follow a more secure and profitable and socially accepted path.

We become not free and genuine but rather slaves to opinion.

It’s your decision to choose personal freedom.  As I mentioned before it takes diligent WILL and VOLITION.

Here is your chance to take your first step toward personal freedom

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