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Know Your Own Power

Many times we say to ourselves “someday things will be better.” Or “someday I’ll make a change.”  We convenience ourselves that “someday” will come but in reality “someday” will never come unless you have the burning desire to make it happen. This is where you need to be.  You are in the right place, right

Group Posting ( Blog Traffic Secret #4 of 7)

Actual picture of my son in the middle with the trophy. Greek God, MSU – 2012. So very proud of him. Moms get bragging rights! Now for the information you need: Tapping into groups inside social media will do a couple things for you #1. More traffic to your blog from a network that you

Broadcast Email – Blog Traffic Secret #2 of 7

In this video, Mike Hobbs is going to talk to you about the importance of broadcasting your email list your blog posts… Too many people try and rely on NEW visitors to their blog when they are leaving a TON of money on the table by not tapping into REPEAT visitors! Watch this right now

Blogging Bootcamp – Blog Traffic Secret #1 of 7

In the following video, one of our team leaders, Mike Hobbs is going to share the importance of creating your own syndication group when you are first getting started! Mike says, “I did this in the beginning and it worked really well to kick start my content! Watch this right now and let me know

Love At First Sight. That's Why I Joined Empower Network.

When I joined Empower Network, I wasn’t looking for an online, work from home opportunity.  I was actually marketing a product I had with another business.  At least I thought I was marketing it.  After one day with Empower Network I realized I didn’t know  anything about Network Marketing or selling/promoting products online. Without going