What Are You Doing With Your Uncashed Checks?

Recently I attended a company event in Nashville, TN and I came home with a notebook full of “uncashed checks”. 

These are actually the notes I took at the event. 

I was introduced to this concept at a previous event in Charlotte, NC by one of my mentors, team member, and leader, Mike Hobbs, and he explained that if you attend events, you shoud take good notes and take action on those notes by sharing what you’ve learned.

By sharing what you’ve learned,  you can turn your notes into cash.

Taking Notes

These notes are valuable…much like a check. 

You are learning something from your notes and you should take this information and share with others. 

Are you sharing value with what you are learning?

This doesn’t only apply to live events.

It could be that you are taking notes while you are on a hangout or webinar. 

Anytime you are learning, your should be sharing what you have learned.

Learn, Do, Teach

Learn Do Teach

You can do this with a blog post, video, email, or a hangout. It really doesn’t matter.

If you don’t cash-in these notes by sharing, you are losing money.

This concept caught on fire at the Charlotte event and it was still being talked about almost a year later in Nashville. 

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