Two Factors That Can Hold You Back From Success

Today I learned to two new words: psychosclerosis and homeostasis and they can hold you back from living the life you desire.

You may be familiar with these words but just in case you aren’t, I want to explain them here and show you how they can be the two factors that hold you back in your business.

These words are discussed by Brian Tracy in his book “Change Your Thinking Change Your Life”.

Psychosclerosis is the hardening of the attitude, which causes a person to quit dreaming, seeing, thinking, and leading.

It is the hardening of the mind so that we become unteachable: we stop learning and we stop growing.

This type of person resists change and resist learning.

It is often referred to as the “mechanical mind”.

Does that sound familiar?

I’m sure you have encountered someone (and it could very well be a family member) who is like that.

In order to prevent psychosclerosis you must expose yourself to new points of view with a willingness to be challenged. 

In other words, you need to open our mind.

Open Your Mind

Here are a few ways to overcome psychosclerosis

1.  Questioning Your Mind – Ask yourself what the problem is and then as why is it a problem in the first place. Ask yourself why this problem exists and how did it happen?

2.  Jumping To Conclusions – People with mechanical mindsets tend to jump to conclusions. They confuse correlation with causation.  Often they let their egos get involved and become reluctant to change their minds.

That’s why you need to discipline yourself to resist the temptation to jump to conclusions or to rush to judgement.

3.  Look For Ideas Everywhere – Attend events, seminars, and webinars given by an expert who is already having the success you want.  You will walk away with “golden nuggets” that can completely change your life.

Ideas Are Everywhere

You need to make a decision to learn something new everyday. 

You need to apply your creative thinking by tapping into the power of your mind.

Homeostasis – This is defined as a “striving for constancy.”

It is a deep desire to remain consistent with what you have one and said in the past.  Individuals try to remain consistent with previous opinions and behaviors.

This actually blocks off almost all possibilities for growth in the future.

To resist becoming homeostasis, you should be willing to abandon you old ideas when there are newer and better ways.

Ways you can change,  prevent or overcome homeostasis:

1.  Admit you are wrong. One way to set the trap of mental homeostasis if for you to be willing to admit that you are wrong.  The mark of the superior person is to alway remain open to the possibility that one’s cherished ideas are incorrect.

2.  To Earn More, You Must Learn More – You cannot move ahead in your field further or faster that you are doing today expect to the degree to which you learn and proactive something new.


It takes courage and maturity but it does stimulate more ideas and insights.

I just wanted to share these two new terms I learned.  I knew the concept but wasn’t familiar with this terminology.

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