How to Create Authority in Your Marketing Online

Creating authority is a proven tactical key to unlocking your ability and power to sell easily, and create win-­win solutions with your list.

Having authority gives you the power to  build your business so you can make more money the easy way.

1.  What was your situation (personal, financial, relationships, etc) like when you started to seek “a better way”?

2.  How can YOU deliver value to the marketplace so that you can build authority? Come up with at least 3 specific ideas.


Part 1. Identify What Your Outcome Is


1.  What specifically do you want to achieve in business? Your answer should define every aspect of your goal ­ what, where, when and with whom will you achieve this goal?

2.  What will your outcome get for you? (What is your why? List at least three…)

3.  How will you know when you have achieved what you want? Think about the last step that will happen that will let you know that you have achieved your goal and describe the moment that you accomplish your goal in detail.

4. How motivated are you to achieve your outcome 0­100? Be honest. (​ 0 = no motivation and 100 represents highly motivated)

5.  Do you have any reservations in pursuing your outcome 100 percent? If so, what are they?​ (Pay careful attention to any tension in the body or negative self talk that might emerge as you think about doing the work it will take to pursue your goal.)

 6.  What obstacles will you need to overcome to pursue this goal? Internal and external.


Part 2: Identifying Your Target Audience


1.  Find a picture of your potential “ideal customer” on the internet. It doesn’t need to be someone you know ­ just someone that represents the visualization of your target customer. Save the image to reference throughout this exercise.  (name, age, gender, job, hobbies, family)

2. Form a clear description of your ideal customer.


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