5 Key Ingredients To A Strategy That Works

Over the past several weeks, one of my mentors has been sharing keynote ideas that will help you grow yourself AND your business…no matter what business you are in.

Today’s episode is one that I want to share with everyone I can.

5 Key Ingredients To A Strategy That Works

Principle #1:  Clear, Distinct Company Vision

The vision you have with your company, your online business and your life is critical to moving people.  

The truth is that most people even who talk about vision do not have clear vision, and are simply borrowing the terminology from other people they’ve heard speak at motivational rallies. A vision should be clear and concise and be repeatable by anyone inside of the organization that you’re building.


Principle #2:  Clear Strategic Differentiation

Trying to just be like someone else is futile, especially if they’ve been in business for a long time and have continued to refine their process.

As businesses exist over a period of years testing and tweaking, they develop a market uniqueness that allows them to do things that other businesses can’t do in a cheaper or better way. Businesses don’t thrive on doing more, they thrive on being unique and different, serving the market with a competitive edge.

Principle #3:  Test and Improve Every Process

Every part of your business system can be improved if you pay attention to it, test it, and continue to rethink the structure of it and try new things.

Too many people, including myself get stuck in things that we think work ­ but really those things are just that way, and could work better if strategic thinking was applied to that aspect of the business. A page online doesn’t necessarily work better if it looks a certain way just because someone thinks that it does ­­­ until you decide to try something new.

Principle #4:  Invest in Personal Growth

A few weeks ago, one of our episodes mentioned Benjamin Franklin, and that he was vegetarian but it never explained why.

When I read this story it inspired me and I want to share it with you. Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a vegetarian because he wanted to save animals or thought it was healthier ­­­ he was a vegetarian because he wanted to save the money he was spending on meat to buy more books!

Now, I’m going to make a suggestion to you reading this that the reason that you know Benjamin Franklin’s name is because of that choice that he made to delay his gratification to work at being better and grow his mind.

Personal Development Books


Principle #5:  People Over Profits

If you make a decision that you truly want to build a business to serve people it’s going to differentiate you in the marketplace because you’re doing things with an intention of making people’s lives better in some way.

Profits are important and sometimes the only way I can convince people to think in this way is by showing them (and easily proving) that putting people first actually makes you MORE money, faster and better! And because you feel good you’ll continue to make money month, after month, after month!


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