The Laws Of Belief, Expectation, Attraction and Correspondence

There are many Universal Laws, however, in the video below I’m going to talk about the Laws of Belief, Expectation, Attraction, and Correspondence and how they work together to change your thoughts and change your life.



The Law of Belief – Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality.

Absolutely believe you are destined to be a great success and hold this thought no matter what happens and you will be successful.

It’s your responsibility to change your beliefs on the inside so they are consistent with what you want on the outside.

The Law of Expectations – whatever you expect, with confidence becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy .

If you expect to be successful, you will eventually be successful.

“I believe something wonderful is going to happen to be today!

The Law of Attraction – You are a living magnet and you will inevitably attract the people and circumstances into your life that harmonize with your dominate thoughts, especially those you emotionalize strongly.  The more you think about something you want, the more excited you will become about achieving it.

Your thoughts will attract will create a force field of energy that will attract the people, circumstances, ideas, opportunities, and resources that you need to achieve your goal.

The Law of Correspondence – Your outer world corresponds with your inner world…what you experience on the outside is a reflection of your inner world.

To be more financially prosperous on the outside you must become more prosperous on the inside.

Success is an inside job.  It’s a state of mind.  It begins within you and is soon reflected in the world around you.

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