How To Get Traffic To Your Website.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business

Without traffic your online business will die.

With enough traffic your online business can

make you millions.



There are hundreds of ways to get traffic

to your website…  Some are free and some paid.


Here are a few ways for you to get started

Increasing your traffic and generating more



Remember the 3 C’s of Marketing?

Create, Capture, & Convert right?

That’s what getting traffic is all about.


Here are a few ways to do that.



1.     Create Epic Content

Write something that is going to give

value to your reader.  You want to give content

goes above and beyond attracts traffic

naturally due to the immense value that it delivers.

Find what your readers are looking for and

then provide them with an answer to solve

their problems.


2.     Create a YouTube Channel and Publish your



YouTube is the second largest search engine

on the web, and they are owned by Google.


Syndicating your video content to other 

video sites  with OneLoad you will be able

to pick up a considerable amount of niche

traffic to your site.


Traffic Geyser is like Tube Mogul, only it is a
paid version with more bells and whistles.

Traffic Geyser sends your content all over
the web, to blogs, and video hubs.


3.     Use an Autoresponder to Build your Email List.

Many autoresponders are available such as

GetResponse, Awever, GVO, MailChimp, iContact,

Constant Contact and many others.


4.     Give Away Free Stuff

Giving away high quality free stuff is a powerful
way to drive traffic to your website, generate
leads for your business, and make sales.

If you give someone $10 of value for free and
then suggest a product for $1 people will be
much more likely to buy compared to if you
simply asked them for the $1 sale.

Free content is often shared, and the more

value your free offer is the better your chances

are of your content being shared virally.


5.     Write a Free eBook

If you have blog posts already you can simply 
copy and paste your content into a document,
then convert it to a .pdf, and just like that you’ll
have an eBook!   
eBooks have a high percieved
value and are a great way to build your email list.


6.    Social Media

This goes unsaid.  Social media is a free way and

A quick way to get people to your website.

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest

are great places to connect with others while

inviting them to read your blog or article.  This

is one way of getting traffic to your website that

every marketer, both online and offline should

put to use.



7.     Link your site in your Email Signature.

Every email you send is an opportunity to get traffic
to your site. Set up a custom signature with a link
to your website, and the title of your site, and there
is a good chance that it will get clicked.


8.     Submit your site to Search Engines

If your site is new make sure you manually

submit it to Google, Yahoo, and BING, so

that they know to crawl it on a regular basis.


9.    Be Active in Forums that are relevant to
your Niche.

      Forums are an awesome way
to build your brand by helping people, and
learn from other people who have already
“been there and done that.” If you are interested
in Internet Marketing I recommend checking
out the Warrior Forum.


            10.  Bookmarking
             SocialAdr is a social bookmarking service 

that allows you to have your bookmark 

shared by others in the community if you 

share the content of others.


11. Infographics

Infographics go viral.

If you have a little bit of design skill you can
take stats about any topic spin them into a
cool image, and then sit back and relax as
your infographic is shared all over the web.

Make sure to include a url to your website
within the infographic so that you can still get
credit and traffic when your infographic is
re-blogged elswhere on the web.


12. Create a Facebook Page

By putting your traffic where users spend most
of their time online you have the best chance of
it being viewed. 
Currently people in North
America spend more time on Facebook than
any other website. 
If you do not have a
Facebook page yet for your website you
are seriously missing out on a huge source of traffic!



These are only a very few ways to get traffic to your

Website as there are literally hundreds of ways.


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