You Should Be Blogging Or You Are Missing Out.

You Should Be Blogging Or You Are Missing Out.


Personally, I think everyone should be blogging.

Especially, if you are a business owner you should be

blogging. Does your marketing plans for 2014 include

blogging? It should.



I’m not just talking about any blog…I’m talking about

YOUR blog.  If you work for a company that has a blog

keep in mind that blog is promoting the company…not you.

An example of this might be if you are a realtor and your

company has a blog, is that blog driving traffic to your

listings of to any agent within the company?


That is why you should be blogging yourself.


        Promote yourself. Brand yourself.


A real estate professional should be extremely interested

in knowing that more than 80% of home buyers and sellers

using the Internet for real estate searches, we simply cannot

ignore the importance of an effective web presence.


Think about it. Are you making your presence known online?

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses
have to engage with customers and ultimately make their
lives easier. If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started
or get left behind.


A recent study from Hubspot showed the sites that blogged

received 55% more visitors than those that did not. That’s

obviously a major goal, as those visitors should ultimately

lead to marketing opportunity and sales. While a great many

businesses spend money on SEO and PPC, it could be that

their efforts would be far more productive if they blogged. 

Therefore, you should be blogging.



Helps drive traffic to your website.

Blogging also helps people (prospective customers)
find you on social media. Every time you write a blog post,
you’re creating content that people can share on social
networks — Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+  
which helps expose your business to a new audience.


Helps You Establish Yourself as an Expert

Blogs are wonderful tools to help bloggers establish
themselves as experts in a field or topic.  Blogging can
help legitimize your expertise and expand your
online presence.


Because blogging drives people to your website, there is
more opportunity to convert visitors into customers.


It’s an SEO dream: link to relevant pages on your website
and social media profiles, use targeted keywords & tagged
images, and update frequently… you’ll be on your way to 
ranking higher in search engine results.


Blogging allows for feedback and customer interaction.

You can invite your readers to leave questions and comments.
You can even devote a new blog post to answering some of
the good ones. 


Companies that blog get more web traffic . 

The more you blog, the more pages Google has to index,
and the more inbound links you’re likely to have. The more
pages and inbound links you have, the higher you rank on
search engines like Google—thus the greater amount of
traffic to your website.  


Regular blogging itself shows your interest, passion,
and commitment to your customers’ education and
of their needs.  It also shows that
same commitment to the development of your own
education and business.


Publishing your thoughts online for the world to read and criticize.

Demonstrate Reliability & Integrity
Bringing the facts, and boosting your accountability

Your readers ‘get to know, like, and trust you.


If you’re not blogging, start now. If you’re blogging,
but not posting regularly several times a week, pick
up the pace. Just another reason 
why you
should be blogging.


Now that you know you should be blogging, you can

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Start 2014 off by taking immediate action and
creating your presence online.


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