3 Tips To Success In 2014

With 2014 fast approaching, all I can think about

are the great things I have planned for my business,  

and how being successful in my business is going to

help others become more successful.


I am fully aware that I can achieve anything I want as

long as I help enough people get what they want.


2014 will bring a new beginning, a fresh start, and

financial freedom to many.


So many great things happened to me in 2013 and I

know there are more to come in 2014.  I want to take

all of you with me on my journey into what the future

brings.  Let’s lock arms and get started.


I want to share 3 tips to help you get off to a great

start in 2014.  These very simple tips are powerful and

will guide you to success.


              INVEST IN YOURSELF


     1.   Be specific on what you want.  Write down your

dreams, desires, goals and have a clear mental picture

of what you want your life to look like in 2014 and the years

that follow.  Read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by



In chapter 2 on “Desire” he describes how

important it is to “write out a clear concise statement

of the amount to money you intend to acquire, name

the time limit for it’s acquisition, state what you intend

to give in return for the money, and describe clearly

the plan in which you intend to accumulate it.




      2.   Listen to inspiring, motivational audios on a daily

basis.  There are many sources online but the ones I prefer

the most and have helped me abundantly are the ones that are

included in the Inner Circle Audios within Empower Network


These are audios on topics such as powerful psychological

influence strategies, online marketing secrets of the ultra

successful, lead generation tricks, stealthy sales tactics,

how to become a compelling speaker and communicator,

creating and fueling passionate and powerful relationships, and

much, much more.


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    3.  Get a mentor.  You will become more successful when

following the advice of successful people.  Whether you realize

it or not you become like the people you spend time with.  If

you want to become successful…spend time with successful



Whatever you fill your mind with and whomever you choose to

surround yourself with will in large part determine what your life

will look like a decade from now. Given this, one of the best

choices you can make is to find a mentor or mentors to help

you move in the right direction. 


One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn (who by the

way is one of my mentors) “You are the average of the

5 people you spend the most time around”.




Another quote that I love is “You will be the same person

in five years as you are today except for the people

you meet and the books you read” Charles Tremendous Jones.


Seriously consider getting a mentor or mentors, follow

that mentor, and more importantly listen to and learn from

your mentor.  Choose your mentors wisely.


Make it a Prosperous New Year in 2014.


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