Cooler, Closer, or Cleaner. Which One Are You?

I have been reading a book by Tim S. Grover called “Relentless” and he talks about being a Cooler, Closer, or Cleaner…Good, Great, and Unstoppable.  Which one are you?

Watch this video as I explain more.


Cooler, Closer and Cleaner….Good, Great and Unstoppable


Cooler – Very careful. Waits to be told what to do.  Mediator not a decision maker.  Doesn’t take sides unless forced to. 

Closer – Can handle a lot of pressure.  Seeks attention and credit.  Aware of what others think about him/her. Loves the rewards and perks association with fame and would choose financial security over winning or success.

Cleaner – Have amazing careers.  Don’t wait to be asked, they just do it.  Take responsibility for everything. Know exactly who you are.  Make decisions, not suggestions.

Cooler, Closer or Cleaner…Good, Great or Unstoppable…Which one are you?

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