Qualities Of A Great Leader

At some point in time, everyone has wanted to be a leader in something.  It may have been in school, in sports, at your job or in your own home business.


Here are some qualities you need to have and enhance if you want be a great leader.

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You become a leader when you accept responsibility for results.

You begin to think, act, and talk like a leader.

You develop a vision your yourself and your company.


4 Qualities Of A Great Leader


1.  Clarity:  You must be absolutely clear about who you are and what you stand for.  You must be absolutely clear about your vision and the direction you want to lead your team (or employees).

2.  Commitment:  A leader is committed to the success of your company.  Having a passionate commitment to the company and to success and achievement, motivates and inspires people to do their best work and put their hearts in achieving success.

3.  Continuous Learning: As a leader, you must be personally committed to reading, learning, and upgrading your knowledge and skill.  Leader attend events, seminars and take courses to improve their skills.

4.  Consistency.  A leader has the self-discipline to be consistent, dependable, reliable, calm, and predictable in all situations.  Leaders are consistent and reliable.


These are only a few qualities of a great leader and I’m sure you can think of others.

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