Would Teachers Make Great Network Marketers?

Would Teachers make great Network Marketers?  Have you ever thought about the connection between Teachers and Network Marketing?

Aren’t we all teachers and educators?

Even if you aren’t actually a certified teacher, we all teach.

We teach our children to talk.

We teach our children to walk.

We teach our children many things before they start school.

Network Marketers are teachers.

As Network Marketers we apply the concept to learn, do, teach. 

We are mentors who share our wisdom with others who are interested in making money online.  We have a commitment within ourselves to succeed.

Network Marketers have a skill of shifting our mindset from negative to positive. 

Change Your Mindset

We empower each other. 

We teach by doing.

Network Marketers build and nurture good relationships because we understand that this is completely a relationship business.

We attend events, meet new people and build relationships. We never miss an opportunity to meet a  new group of people.

Network Marketers work on ourselves more than we do on our business.

Network Marketers strive toward freedom.

Time Freedom – ability to work when we want and our business continues to make us money whether we are there or not.

Money Freedom – the freedom to purchase what we want without looking at a price tag.

Location Freedom – the freedom to work from wherever we want and with whomever we want.

Teachers may want the same things but settle for working at a job.  Hopefully it’s one they enjoy but many times it’s not. 

I can remember in “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale, he said that a person is successful when they are doing what they want to do.  A successful teacher is one who is teaching because that’s what they want to do.

By law, we have to have teachers because we have to have schools and I appreciate the ones that have chosen teaching as a career.

Much like Network Marketers, teachers are also learners (in most cases). They have to continue to learn to stay ahead of the students.

I can remember a time in my teaching career when I was an At-Risk instructor. 

What’s an At-Risk Instructor?  Basically a tutor for students who are “at-risk” of dropping out of school or failing a particular subject. 

When students were struggling in a particular subject area, they were sent out of their regular classroom to my classroom so I could provide one-on-one instruction and help with homework or prepare for a test.

The ironic part is my degree and certification was in business education but the At-Risk Instructor was the only available position open at the time so that’s the one I accepted. 

In the beginning, I spent all my free time and in between classes going to one of the algebra teachers so he could teach me how to work the problems so I could go back to class and teach it to the students.  I had been out of college several years before I began teaching and I was definitely “rusty” in algebra. 

Image by Randy Glasbergen
Image by Randy Glasbergen

The reason I shared that story is to point out that teachers learn, do, and teach… just like we as Network Marketers do.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this but I had never heard of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill until I joined my Network Marketing company.  Isn’t it a shame that book, as well as many others, isn’t at least introduced in high school or college.

Do you think teachers would make great Network Marketers?

You bet they would!

Do you think Network Marketers would make great teachers?

We already are!

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