10 Helpful Tips For Creating A Successful Blog

Blogging for success should be the goal of every online or offline business owner. We all know that if you want your online business to be successful you absolutely MUST have a Blog.  This is a no-brainer.

As a business owner and Network Marketer you should feel comfortable blogging about your business.  But is blogging about your business going to interest others if that is all you blog about?  Probably not.

The purpose of a blog is to offer content that is useful to others.  Your blog needs to “solve” a problem, have a purpose, and be interesting enough that viewers will want to come back and read your next post.

problem solving
I have a solution to your problem

Consider implementing these 10 Helpful Tips For Creating A Successful Blog when blogging for success in your business.

First of all, this first 3 listed, great content, engagement, and consistency are imperative.  The rest of the list focuses on ideas, tips, and suggestions for creating (furnishing content) on your blog.

1.  Great Content 

When it comes to blogging, good content is essential. It not only defines your blog, but also determines whether your readers are likely to continue reading your posts or stop after the first few sentences.

Having good content also means that your blog becomes a tool that will draw in readers and potential customers. Think like your readers.

2.  Engagement 

Know your audience. A successful blog posts speaks to the reader and often prompt him or her to comment or ask questions. When you allow comments you have more chances to interact with your readers, which in turn helps establish you as an authority in your field.

This can help you convert readers to customers. It is also beneficial for you blog to have the ability for readers to share your blog posts on social media increases both your engagement and your reach.

Consistency is Key
Small Disciplines Repeated With Consistency Every Day Lead To Great Achievements

3. Consistency 

One of the goals of your blog should be to provide compelling content that will encourage your readers to visit your blog regularly. To accomplish that you should avoid publishing infrequently and then disappearing for a week or month.

Stay consistent with your blog. A successful blog is updated regularly, and readers come to rely on them for useful information, valuable commentary, or engaging conversations that occur with each post.

4.  Tips and Tricks

This can be powerful.  You can  tell your readers about something they probably don’t know about in the form of a tip or trick. Be useful and practical. Have some fun with it, but make sure to get the point across instead of beating around the bush trying to be silly. 

Everyone is always looking for a good tips. Your job in the blog is to furnish good tips and make sure it is tips that are relevant to your target market.

Top 10
Here’s the Top 10

5.  Top Ten Lists

The top ten list can be whatever you want to talk about and it can also be your opinion.  An example, could be my 10 ten favorite personal development books. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be top ten.  It could be top 5 or whatever you choose.

Top 20 website listings on Alexa or top 5 social media websites…people generally love “Top” listings no matter what it is.  You could be the “Letterman” of the day.

6.  Product Review

Does your company have a competitive edge over other companies with the same market?  If so, post a review of your product or service alongside others in your industry. 

This demonstrates transparency, and with transparency comes trustworthiness.  Make a point to mention several times the area of your company that stands out from others. 

Including these keywords in your post will help with SEO (search engine optimization).

Make money blogging
Let Me Show You How To Make Money Blogging


7.  How To’s 

Just think about how many times you have Googled “How to…?” People who need an answer “Google it”.  Have your answer ready on your blog so when someone searches Google your blog will appear. 

Sharing this information on social media will also help because you could be answering a question that viewers may not have asked yet and you will show your expertise by giving them the answer first.

Breaking News

8.  Hot Topics   

Timing in your post is important. Keeping abreast of current topics, hot topics, what happening now, or trending topics is important.  Occasionally posting an article that is fun or overall “newsworthy” is a good idea to keep your viewers interested and they will know that you are informed on other issues.

9.  Polls and Surveys

Poll and survey your customers throughout the year. Ask them what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.  Be blunt and ask what they like or don’t like about your blog.  Doing this effectively will insure you are furnishing information that is relevant to them. 

The next step is to write another post revealing the results of the poll.  Gather good data and run with it in a mind-blowing post.


10 Helpful Tips For Creating A Successful Blog
Use Video Post In Your Blog

10.  Video Posts 

If you own a smartphone or video camera a video post is an awesome way to start a “how-to” series on topics in your industry.  Post you videos to a dedicated YouTube channel, add them to your written blog posts, and promote them via social media. 

Another way is to do a regular section where you have a FAQ video similar to a talk show or interview.  You can easily transcribe the text of the video and use that in your blog as well.

Feel free to share this post so others can take advantage of these 10 Helpful Tips For Creating A Successful Blog.

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