LinkedIn Facts And Surprises For 2014

I recently read an article in Forbes discussing the trends, facts and figures for LinkedIn for 2014 and thought I would summarize them here.







So what’s going on with LinkedIn in 2014:

  1. It has now passed 300 million users
  2.  41% of people now report 500+ connections, up from 30% in 2013.
  3. There are now over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements
  4.  The percentage of respondents who are paid members–16%–is down from the result of 18% for last year.
  5. LinkedIn has 5,000 employees
  6. 2.1 million LinkedIn groups
  7. Average time a user  spends a month on LinkedIn is 17 minutes
  8. Worth an estimated $7.5 billion
  9. 48% of respondents were spending more than two hours a week on LinkedIn last year.
  10. Posting individual status updates as a favorite feature rose 10% to 39%. 
  11. The top 5 countries by user numbers are. USA (93 million), India (24 million), Brazil (16 million), UK (14 million) and Canada with 9 million.
  12. The top 3 fastest growing countries are Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia
  13. The most likely demographic profile is Male, Asian, 45-54 years, Earns $150,000+, No kids and has a Grad school education
  14. Who’s Viewed Your Profile remains the #1 feature for the second year running with 76% of respondents picking it as a favorite feature.

You may or may not be using LinkedIn as one of your social media marketing resouces but it sure sounds like they are going someplace in 2014.


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