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How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

The following article I found on Social Media Examiner was to great not to share and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Read the rest of the article below. ENJOY!   Do your customers use Facebook Messenger? Wondering how you can help people find you on Messenger? Recent updates make it easier for businesses to communicate

Plan Your Wedding Using Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search was introduced earlier this year and has rapidly become a very unique and useful tool in your daily life. One particular use for the Facebook Graph Search tool that caught my attention was using it to help plan your wedding.   Watch my video as I explain how the Facebook Graph Search

Where To Share Your Blog On Social Media

If writing blogs is part of  your business, you know you that Social Media is a powerful tool that can be used to  attract people in to your website.  I thought I would share some of the best social media platforms for blogging. Social Media Groups Many platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook allow groups