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How May I Serve You?

I recently read a book “Three Feet From Gold” By Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Three Feet from Gold is based on the principles put forth by Napoleon Hill in his best-seller, Think and Grow Rich.   Published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich inspired a large amount of people to persevere through

The Blog Beast – ENV2-Will Launch 10-11-13

The Blog Beast – ENV2 will launch on 10-11-13.  Will you be with us or left behind?   Empower Network is 23 months old, paid out over $70,000,000.00 in commissions successfully to affiliates like you and me.  We have over 155,000 customers and over 30,000 affiliates. So, what is ENV2 and what makes it the

Boost Your Business With These 2 Acronyms – ENV2 and iPAS

Does your business need a boost? ┬áMaybe you are struggling with what you are doing and and would like for a PBA (Personal Business Assistant) to come to your rescue.     So, what are these 2 acronyms that are spreading all over the internet and how can they help you and your business?  

Simple, Powerful Google Plus SEO Tip For Your Business

Everyday I receive a “Golden Nugget” by being a part of the Prosperity Team within Empower Network. Today, this was such an awesome marketing tip (Golden Nugget) that I wanted to share it so everyone could can benefit from it.   …It involves your blog & your Google + account! What we will be doing

Education – The American Nightmare Not The American Dream

Even though I am a firm believer in higher education, it has become the American Nightmare instead of the American Dream due to Student Loan Debt. All student loan debt, which includes private loans from banks as well as the federal loans, now stands at $1.2 trillion.  This is ridiculous! Before signing the Bipartisan Student Loan

What Really Happened in Denver? Countdown – 42 Days

Now that you have heard all the Buzzzzzz about the new Viral Blogging System being released soon by Empower Network, would you really like to know what happened in Denver when the announcement was made? I thought so!   Watch the videos and find out.   One of my mentors, Paul, put together a video

Something Big Is About To Happen! ENV2 Countdown – 45 Days

If you are in Network Marketing (and probably even if you are not) I’m sure you have heard of Empower Network and the new product “ENV2″ that will launch in 45 days.   I’m going to share the vision of Dave Sharpe ~ Co-Founder, & President~ of Empower Network. This is an excerpt from a