Mentor? Do YOU have one?

Who do YOU listen to?  I’m talking about an earthly person. Hopefully, when God speaks, you listen. BUT, who do you listen to for advice, seek guidance, or model your life after? If you have a difficulty in your life do your friends/family guide you in the right direction?  If you need financial guidance do

How To Start A Business With No Budget

One of our Prosperity Team Leaders with recently asked the question “If you had NOTHING – Zero Budget and had to start over from scratch literally – what would you do and how would you go about it?” Watch the video below to see the advice that Mike Hobbs has to share.  Add a comment and let

How John Chatman Turned $15 into $72,000 using Facebook

This is such an awesome video about how one person turned $15 to $72,000 with Facebook. Mike Hobbs was fortunate enough to get this interview with John Chatman as he explains how he used Facebook to increase his business.   If you like this content please “Like and Share” it with someone who could benefit

Make The Most Out Of What You Do

Want to know Why I joined Empower Network? Because of what it had to offer. There’s not just one thing but many reasons why I chose Empower Network: Leadership Support Honesty Opportunity to Succeed These are just a few reasons. Click here to get your questions answered and know you are in the right place.


“How To Get Buckets Of Hands Free Traffic And Explode Your Sales In ANY PROGRAM Faster Than A Jack Rabbit On Viagra…” “Use this time tested, paint by numbers system for ANY of your own products, affiliate products, and home based businesses — Then watch your profits skyrocket…” Empower Network can do just that!  Click here and watch

Student Loan Debt

Does student loan debt blow your mind? It does mine! There is literally over $1 trillion in student loans in the US. How are students (or parents) supposed to re-pay their student loan obligations when they can’t find a job when they graduate? Unlike other debt, student loans cannot be forgiven when filing bankruptcy. Not that

So Empowered!

I am so excited I just had to share this information with you. Today, I became a part of the Empower Network! I have never seen a company so willing to help others earn a substantial income online in any other business I have joined. The training is awesome and I could tell from watching