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10 Tips To Help You Improve Your Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why are there some speakers or presenters can command the attention of everyone in the room, while others struggle to compete with the mumblings of a disinterested and easily distracted audience? While I believe it's practice that makes perfect, these 10 tips to help you improve your communication skills will direct you

10 Blogs With Kalatu Premium

Did you know you can have 10 Blogs With Kalatu Premium? You may be asking why would I need 10 blogs? You can have a separate blog for whatever you choose to market.

3 Important Things You Should Know About LinkedIn

If you’re not using LinkedIn to grow your business you’re missing out on connecting with a large community of business professionals. Even though Facebook is still the #1 Social Networking site for 2015 with 900,000,000 – estimated unique monthly visitors,  LinkedIn comes in third behind Twitter with 255,000,000 – estimated unique monthly visitors (Twitter comes