When You Change Your Thinking You Change Your Life

Perhaps the most important mental and spiritual principles ever discovered is that you become what you think about most of the time.  The result is simply when you change your thinking you change your mind.

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Understanding that your mind is extraordinarily powerful and knowing your thoughts control and determine almost everything that happens to you can change your life.

I also want to share 2 Universal Laws:

1.  The Law of Belief – “Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality.”  Meaning that you always act in a manner consistent with your deepest and most intensely held beliefs.  It doesn’t matter whether they are true or not.

2.  The Law of Attraction – says that you are a “living magnet” and that “you invariably attract into your life the people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances in harmony with our dominate thoughts.”

There are many other universal laws but those 2 seem appropriate for this post.

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How Important Is Your Time To You?

How important is your time to you?  We all have the same amount of time in each day.  


Are you spending your time the way you want to?


Watch this video and be prepared to answer the question…How important is your time to you?



Do you spend a lot of time on things that are unnecessary (like watching TV or working a 9-5 JOB?).


Do you get to spend the time you would like to with your family or friends?


Are you your own boss and spend your time working when you want to?


Are you spending your time with who you want to?


You are the average the the 5 people you spend your time with


Are you spending your time making someone else a fortune by letting them run your day?


Are you ready to have control of your own time?


Either your run your day or your day runs you


There is a way to have the time freedom you desire and deserve.


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How To Make Money With Your SmartPhone

What if I could show you exactly how to Make Money With Your SmartPhone, would that interest you?

Let me explain a little about #ProjectTitan and how you can make money with your #Smartphone.

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Pool At Dave's House




Find out how to Make Money With Your SmartPhone.



How To Make Money With Your SmartPhone


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3 Cool Facebook Tips. How to Delete Messages in Facebook Chat

Have you ever posted something in Facebook chat and all of a sudden you wish you hadn’t? Sometimes it happens to all of us.

Watch this video and I will show you how to delete messages in Facebook chat, how to post your blog with an image on Facebook, and how to keep someone from seeing your post.




 3 Cool Facebook Tips

1.  How to delete a message in Facebook chat.

2.  How to post your blog with an image on Facebook

3.  How to prevent someone from seeing your post


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Are You Struggling In Your Home Business?

Are you struggling in your home business?

I think it’s time for a rant.

If you already have a home-based
business, Direct sales, MLM or whatever
and you are using Facebook as your blog,
I can tell you right now, you are making a
BIG mistake.

Facebook is not your blog.

Facebook is a social media networking

It’s not yours. 

Facebook can and will shut you down if they choose.

Your BLOG is your home on the Internet.

It’s your online Real Estate.

Every successful person and company
has a blog.  If you think promoting your
company blog on Facebook or anyplace
else is going to give you
ultimate success, you are mistaken.

Your company blog is promoting
your company and not you.

I can Google anything and find the
product or service I’m looking for.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I found YOUR
product or service?

If you don’t have a blog, you are just
wondering around aimlessly. 

You are lost.

People Looking At Map

No destination.

There are many great products on the
market but if you don’t have a blog, how is
anyone going to find YOU.

Good chance they won’t.  They may find
your company, but they might not necessarily
find you.

What if you had your own blogging platform
and could make money with it?

Would you be interested?

I’m not talking about making money from
the products you sell on your blog, I’m talking
about the blogging platform itself.


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Did I mention that I personally have had
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Change Your Self-Concept And You Will Change Your Results

If you want to change your performance and your results in any area of your life, you have to change your self-concept (your beliefs about yourself).

Whether we realize it or not, many times our self-concept is not always based on facts.

Watch the video to see what I’m talking about.



The worst beliefs you can have about yourself are self-limiting beliefs.  

Self-limiting beliefs are those things you believe about yourself that place limitations on your abilities. They may be conscious or unconscious.

Limitations are actually a “thing of the mind”. In reality we don’t have any limitations.  You can do anything if you make up your mind to do it.

Determination always finds a way around obstacles.  

I like what Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right!”

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right


It all depends on what you believe about yourself.

Our thoughts and beliefs color our vision and perception of the world.

They determine our actions or inactions.

Thoughts affect feelings.

Feelings affect behavior.

Behavior produces results (or the lack of them).

It all begins with our thoughts and we have to accept a thought for it to become a belief.


Brian Tracy says “Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.


whatever you believe

You do not believe what you see; rather you see what you already believe.

That’s why I want you to take a couple of minutes and ….

Imagine the new house that you would like to have.

Imagine the new car you want or imagine becoming a top producer in your company.

Imagine you can set and achieve any goal you put your mind to.

Take a look at other people who are earning more money than you and imagine that you are exactly like them.

Step out of your comfort zone, change your mind and your self-concept if you want to earn what you want and what you deserve.


“Belief always precedes action”. -James Allen
(We won’t even attempt something unless we first believe we can accomplish it. No belief, no action, i.e. procrastination.)

“Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs. -Maxwell Maltz

“Once your thoughts reflect what you genuinely want to be, the appropriate emotions and the consequent behaviour will flow automatically. Believe it and you will see it. -Wayne Dyer


If you want to increase your income, you must change your self-concept and achieve your financial goals in your mind before you can ever achieve your goals in reality.

Your target should be to increase your self-concept level of income little by little until you think, see, and feel yourself as earning more money.

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You could be one of them if you just imagine yourself as being able to earn whatever amount of income your desire.


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