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Bitcoin Was Used To Buy A New Home

  (Original post-Futurism) A buyer in Austin, Texas, just purchased a house using only bitcoin for payment. This real estate deal is the first to use solely cryptocurrency, and it illustrates crypto’s potential to transform how financial transactions are conducted. Texas-based real estate brokerage firm Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty has completed the first-ever sale of a real estate

What Is IProNetwork And ProCurrency?

The world is changing fast. Imagine being one of the first to take full advantage of a movement happening right now! An exclusive and unique business model to save and make you money. Get access to the latest in consumer and business technology.

The Strangest Secret

Do you know why 90% of people do not have the life that they really want? The truth of the matter is that the number one reason most people don’t get what they want is because they don’t KNOW what they really want. Watch the below video and see what Earl Nightingale has to say about “The Strangest

How To Make Money By Helping Others

Everyone has a 'Cause'. It may be paying off debt, retiring your spouse, travel when you want, help your church, or provide to charities. Whatever your cause, we can help you achieve it. You can't help others until you help yourself.