Top 8 URL Shorteners For Business

The number of URL shorteners continues to grow and while they all shorten your URL, they may have different functions. 

URL shorteners have become a necessity if you want to use Twitter to it’s fullest extent. 

I think these are the 8 Top URL Shorteners for their simplicity and the fact they are free.

8 Top URL Shorteners For Business

1. is the most popular and one of the oldest URL shorteners. It offers instant tracking, stats, and the ability to have vanity URLs that signify your brand.

Top url shortners

2. is the official URL shorteners from Google. It’s one of the newer URL shorteners on the block, but it’s becoming quite popular on Twitter. It allows you to track when your shortened URLs were created and how many clicks they’ve received.


This is the official HootSuite URL shortener, which can be used as a stand-alone shortener on the web, or while logged on to the HootSuite dashboard on the web or mobile. This is one of the most popular url shorteners.

4. is StumbleUpon’s official URL shortener. It allows you to syndicate content to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter at the same time, suggests the best time of day to post, and allows you to schedule posts in the future.  Very popular in the Url shortners.

URL shorteners such as this:
– Help to Increase traffic.
– Real time analytics showing how many people click through the links and how many people came through StumbleUpon.
– Suggest the best posting time based on past data.
– Tells the number of retweets and reviews.
– History Viewer.
– Sharing functionality

5.  Budurl

Budurl comes with lot of additional premium features apart from just being one of the many url shorteners. It also:

– Emails to prospects & clients
– QR Code integration for print campaigns
– Use their Mobile Micro-Sites to drive traffic for mobile campaigns
– Schedule your Tweets
– Detailed stats of Blog posts & comments on sites
– Links to PDFs and other files on my website and in emails
– Affiliate links
– Advertising links

*This one is not a free account


6.  Tinyurl:

  – Browser toolbar
– Hide Affiliate URLs
– Preview Feature



This one gets points for a pretty cute name, but also has a unique method of shortening links. It allows you to input multiple links at once and shortens them into a single URL. When clicked, a link will bring you to a web page that shows each link in sequence.


8.  Linkis
Linkis is created for you to share personalized links with your friends, and what is more important – find out what they think about the information you share in the most convenient way. In addition to its main functions, offers a number of handy tools, created to help you in socializing and sharing your finds and opinions. Share your links via Facebook and Twitter, create polls, monitor stats (the number of views and likes for every single shared link) etc.


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