Why You Need To Start Overcoming Your Greatest Fears

We all have fears and we all have to learn to overcome fears in order to fulfill our dreams and live life on our terms.

Watch this video to find out  Why You Need To Start Overcoming Your Greatest Fears.


Six Basic Fears ~ Napoleon Hill in
“Think and Grow Rich”.

Fear of Poverty

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Ill Health

Fear of Loss of Love of Someone

Fear of Old Age

Fear of Death

“We must not worry what could go wrong but rather what magnificence would enter our lives when we are consistently expression our genuine selves and pursuing our try passions.”
The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard ~

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13 Replies to “Why You Need To Start Overcoming Your Greatest Fears”

  1. Oh yes Sherry these are great tips you shared about overcoming our fears. When we take doubt out of our lives we enrich our self belief which in turn gives us confidence to keep breaking through those fears and keep pushing forward. This was really helpful information today!

    1. Thanks Lynn. Glad the post was helpful! I think “fear” keeps a lot of people from actually moving forward on their dreams/goals. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Sherry – so true about being afraid of what others will think. But the thing is.. no one else is going to make you successful.. only you are. The only person in control of your life is you. Great post 🙂

    1. Thanks Crystal! Glad you enjoyed the post! You are so right…we are the only one in control of our life. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I loved the day I discovered these fears and was able to realize that I wasn’t the only one with them…I have bits of each but with some work have been able to move the bar; It’s certainly not a finished product however just moving along the course of freedom is a blessing…

    1. Thanks for commenting Rob! I’m the same way…I work on overcoming fears all the time. Many are just small thoughts but they do pop-up. Moving forward as well. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  4. The thing about all of these types of fears Sherry, is that we weren’t born with them. They were learned. Fear is negative faith and it brings to us the thing we fear. Thanks for tips and access to the tools to overcome those fears.

  5. Fear is just fear of the unknown…. it’s like the first time we decide to get on a bike and that we “might fall”.. sure we will but thinking about falling.. it’s not that bad.

    but fear of peers thoughts and criticism is something we should monitor but shouldn’t stop us.

    Keep doing your thing and don’t let fear get in the way.

    1. Thanks Lawrence! I appreciate your comments and I will not let fear stop me from doing anything! I appreciate your insight. Thanks much!

  6. Dr Hill’s fear list is something I certainly have had to address in m own life…a constant work in progress…thanks for the reminder

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