5 Characteristics Of A Top Producer/Top Earner

If you want to become a top producer, a top earner, and a top leader in your network marketing business or any home business, you have to understand what the top earners do.

Watch this video as I share  5 Characteristics Of A Top Producer/Top Earner. 



5 Characteristics Of A
Top Producer/Top Earner 


1.  Top Producers have a vision – They know where they are going.  They know what they want.  Without a vision you are just drifting.  In the book “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill, he refers to these people as “drifters”.

2.  Top Producers treat their business like a business.  If you treat your business like a business it will pay you like a business.
-Don’t treat it like a hobby.
-Take your business seriously.

-Work like a CEO.  
-Leverage your business to work when and where you want.
-You have time AND Freedom and you can’t put a dollar amount on time or freedom.

3.  Top Producers DON’T WAIT.  They take action.  They jump now and figure out how to fly.  You don’t have to know everything from the start but you have to take action on what you do know.
-Success loves speed.  Take immediate action and don’t procrastinate.

4.  Top Producers DO – They don’t try.  They DO.  They focus on doing it.

5.  Top Producers invest in themselves.  The best investment you can make is in yourself.

-You need to invest in your Mindset.
-You need to invest in your Skillset.
-You need to invest in YOU.
-Lack of mindset could be holding you back from creating the results you want.
-Show up to your business
-Show up to webinars
-Go through the products you have purchased.  Learn from these products, take action by doing what you have learned then teach what you learned to others.

There are many other characteristics that top producers and top earners all have in common and I will post more soon.

Please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on characteristics of top producers and top earners in the network marketing industry or the home business industry in general.

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