Your Past Doesn't Equal Your Future

No matter where you are in life right now, there’s a good chance you are at this point because of your past.

It doesn’t have to be that way because your past doesn’t equal your future.

Watch this video to see why.


Are you cutting the ends off the ham before cooking it just because your great-grandmother did?

Are you currently working at a job you hate just because you were told that’s what you had to do?

The world will try to put you in a box and the people around you will try to make your past look like your future.

Your past doesn’t have to equal your future unless you allow it to.

It’s within YOUR power to control your future.

Anything that has happened to you in the past you can call a “learning experience” and start creating a better future tomorrow.

Any failures you may have had in a home business or career is in the past and  you can wipe the slate clean and set off on a better course and a better direction for success.

If you allow it to, your past can control the rest of your life . Or you can use those experiences and apply it to create a better future.

Don’t allow your friends, family, or coworkers fill your mind with thoughts of failure.

You are better than that.

The past is a learning experience and the future is where you should focus.

Start today living your own life.


Don’t cut the ends off the ham just because your great-grandmother did that.

Don’t work at a J.O.B. (just over broke) just because that’s what your parents did.


Your past doesn’t equal your future.

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