4 Things You Need For A Successful Online Business

If 2015 hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to, I have great news for you.

Your past doesn’t equal your future and you can make 2016 the best year ever and there are only 4 things you need for a successful online business.


1.Your Online Real Estate – Your Blog

To succeed online, you need a home on the internet.  A place where you can quickly and easily send people to learn more about the things you are doing online. Bottom line, you need a blog with your name all over it. 

Even if you are an affiliate marketer, and that’s all you ever want to do, you need a home on the internet.

You need to build your business, not someone else’s business. Like it or not, you are the brand when you go online. So why not make the most out of it?

I highly recommend using Kalatu Premium.


The Kalatu platform is very flexible and fully customizable to your business. No matter what your business is.

Kalatu Premium

*When you get access to Kalatu Premium, you’ll get access to:

*10 Blogs (you can have as many as 10 blogs with one membership)

*7 minute Blog Hacks

*Premium Themes

*Premium Plugins

*Exclusive Training

*World Class Customer Service!


2. A List Of Your Own.

I know of no successful person online who does not have a list of their own.  I’m not talking about making a buck here or there but rather someone who is building a real business. They all have lists.

You must control your own fate online. If you put your future in the hands of a Facebook, Google or other social media platforms who offers you free everything… your entire business can evaporate in a moment when they change their rules. And they will. They always do.

Having your own list is not an option, it’s a requirement.

If you want people to buy from you, they need to know you, like you and trust you. This must we know from experience. It’s proven.

And the best way to do that is to send people high-quality content (like what you are reading now) that interests them.

They consume the content, like it, like you and the “cycle of good” begins.

They learn to connect with you and trust you.


3.  Capture Pages


Capture Page

This is a MUST.  Maybe your company provides capture pages (the system I use provides capture pages, autoresponders, training, done-for-you marketing, and everything else you need. 

You can also create your own capture pages.  I personally use Instapages which is free with the Kalatu Premium Blogging System.  Here’s one of my capture pages and you can go ahead and enter your email address to see how it works.


4.  Your Email Follow Up  System


Once you have a list, you need a follow up system. This follow up system is different than the content you send people on your list.

Much different.

An email follow-up system is a series (sometimes called a sequence) of messages designed to educate prospective buyers about the benefit of a product you are promoting.

You can also share valuable content with you list.  So what is content?  Content is information you share that helps people.

That could be a webinar, an article, a video, or an infographic.  Whatever you choose as long as it contains value and will help someone.

If you are sharing ideas with people using any medium (like I am with this article) you are producing content.

As long as it is helpful, you are golden.

Simple really. And really simple to create once you know how.

The key factor today with an email follow up system is using a good autoresponder so you send selling emails to only those people who want to know more, while still sending helpful content (to build goodwill and be of service) to everyone else.

I highly recommend using GetResponse as you email followup system..or auto responder.

Get Response

The bottom line is, you have a blog and you want to get prospects to your blog where you have provided valuable content that will help them.

You have a capture page that allows the prospect to enter their email address to they can stay in touch with them through email.

The auto responder provides the means for you to send email to your contacts (people who have requested information from you).

Once you have all of these tools in place, you are ready to go!

It may sound like a lot but it is really very simple when you are using the Kalatu blogging platform. 

Not only will you have a highly optimized blog (home on the internet) but you will also be able to create your own capture pages with Instapages and the whole system is set up so you can easily connect you autoresponser so you don’t miss any prospective customers.


You can get immediate access to Kalatu Blogging System here and easily get started with your own successful home business.

If you already have a business, then you definitely want to get Kalatu Blogging system for your own business.  If you don’t have a blog, you are homeless on the Internet.


Get Kalatu here.

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