How To Close 95% Of Your Prospects Into Your Business

What would you do if you have the opportunity for one of the Industry’s Top Leaders to teach you How To Close 95% of Your Prospects Into Your Business?

You would jump at the opportunity right?

This is only 1 (one) training inside only 1 (one) of our products.

Not only will you have access to learning how to close 95% of prospects into your business but in this particular training:

You will learn the dynamics of closing; what to look for in yourself and what to look for your prospects.

We’ll give real life examples of what language to use and how to approach people regardless of their personality. Most people think closing is a secret.

We’ll dispel that myth and teach you how to overcome your struggles with closing prospects …like a boss!

Here are some other training inside this product.  

Inner Circle Audios.


Killer Copy Writing Secrets

This is from one of the most sought out, ripped-off and respected copy-writers in our industry. His unique, hard-hitting writing style has landed him the ability to extract impressive profits, mastering the written word.  You will learn how to do this as well.

How To Escape The Newbie Zone

If you’ve ever struggled to build your personal value and escape the “newbie” zone – this audio will teach you how! You’ll also learn how to  “sell your last results formula” to become IRRESISTIBLE in the eyes of your prospects, regardless of you current experience or success.

No More Newbie

Hypotonic Selling Secrets

This lays out out the foundation for how to use hypnotic language in your presentations and sales messages. They talk about influence and persuasion tactics that will make your marketing message become more powerful with your prospects and result in more sign ups and more sales.

 Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It

Learn about the power of influence and inspiration through telling a story or your story, and how to move people to action to buy your products, join your business and love you for it.

How To Turn Ideas Into Money

Turning Ideas into money is the ‘holy grail’ of entrepreneurship. Every person who would like to make more money ends up coming across opportunities or ideas, sooner or later.

They only need to know how to turn those opportunities and ideas into money. That is what I know how to do, and will share with you today.

Money Ideas

The 17 Dumb reasons people reject Opportunity

Driving force behind achieving success through opportunity – and the dumb reasons that keep you from them.


How To Sell & Upsell High Ticket Products & Programs Through Personal One on On Strategy Sessions!

The Get Money Mindset & Methods to Overcome

The #1 Objection In Your Business… – “I Don’t Have The Money”!

21 Ways To Generate A Lead


The No-Guesswork Blueprint For Getting Anything You Want

3 “no-guesswork” steps that create HUGE and FAST results no matter what you’re doing….some of our most powerful leaders talk about how each of these steps allowed them to create huge breakthroughs in money, relationships, health and every area of life.


Become a Social Media Ninja!’

Want to become a Social Media Ninja?  You will find out how.

Social Media Ninja

How To Replace Cold Calling and Prospecting Forever By Blogging Daily.

Learn how to build relationships and create raving fans online, automatically, and rid of cold calling, prospecting and other useless ‘busy work’ for good — so you can build a business, have a life and have fun .


Why Jobs, School and ‘Traditional’ Business Will Keep You Broke

You’ll learn the secrets of ‘breaking free’ from a life that is not excellent, by applying the power of leverage, and the ‘freedom model’ into your business.


How To Get Rich Quick

The SCIENTIFIC FORMULA of creating wealth online. It dispels the illusions that are keeping your family and friends poor and gives you the principles that you can use NOW.



THAT’S NOT ALL but you get my drift right?


There are over 150 training audios inside this one product with more being added regularly.

The Inner Circle Audios is a must for everyone…whether you already have a business or looking to start one.

The Inner Circle is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs, to help you put positivity into your brain in your down time.

They are meant to be listened to while you are in your car, while jogging, cleaning the house, exercising, or just about anything else you can think of.

Get immediate access to Inner Circle Audios here.


Inner Circle Audios


Make it a prosperous day!


Sherry Starnes
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