Planting Seeds Of Inspiration

Are you planting seeds of inspiration that will help others grow or are you planting seeds that don’t take root?

In the video below, Jim Carrey talks about planting seeds that will inspire you to more forward, with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness.



It’s the truth that you never reap what you haven’t sown. You have to plant seeds.  Make sure to plant seeds that will inspire, produce, and are beneficial to others.

Earl Nightingale talks about this very thing in “The Strangest Secret”.   The farmer may plant whatever he chooses to plant on the land.  The land doesn’t care what is planted.  It’s up to the farmer to make a good decision.  Your mind is like the land.  It will return what you plant but it doesn’t care what you plant. We can plant a concrete worthwhile goal or confusion.

What we plant it will return to us.  Plant good seeds and get good results…plant bad seeds and get bad results.

Jim Rohn, in several of his speeches, talks about the seasons and reaping your crops.  Some seasons are more productive than others and you have to be prepared to adjust to each one.

But there’s more to sewing than simply planting the seeds. You have to care for that seed to ensure it grows. You have to ensure it gets the water and nutrients it needs to sprout into something more.

Neglected Seeds Don’t Grow Into Anything

There are some people that think that all they need to do is plant more seeds.

Having been raised on a farm, I will tell you that you have to take care of the seeds you sow.  

Some people think that all they have to do is plant a lot of seeds, and they plant seeds all over the place. They believe that the more seeds they plant, the more opportunities they will have to harvest later. So they plant and plant and plant.

They’re always planting, never taking time to care for the seeds they’ve already planted. It’s as if they given up on the already planted seeds. But the planted seeds won’t produce anything because they haven’t  been nurtured and cared for.

You need to plant enough seeds to ensure that you have opportunities to harvest later. But you don’t need to plant more seeds than you can care for and nurture into life. This is what jumpers do. They jump from one opportunity to the next.  

They’re never consistent enough to care for one seed, or some number of seeds, until they start to produce rewards. They’re excited when they plant that seed, but they lose enthusiasm when it doesn’t immediately spring into something beneficial.

Nurture Opportunities

Consistency matters. There is a power in focus.

Stop and take a look at the seeds you’ve already planted. Are you investing your time and energy in nurturing those seeds to ensure that they grow up to bear fruit? Or are you ignoring those seeds and moving on, planting others only to ignore those seeds too?

What seeds are you neglecting?

What opportunities or goals do you have that, in order to bring them to life, require a more consistency of your time and effort?

What seeds have you planted that a little more effort and attention might sprout up to be something big?

Are you missing out on an opportunity right now?

You have no limits!

If you aren’t happy where you are today, it’s time to make a change.

Start planting seeds that will produce greatness.

Believe in yourself and understand that you have no limits.

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