12 Great Tools for Creating Visual Content

Since visual content, including videos and photos, is the most viewed and shared type of content on the web, it’s important to use visual content to market your business or opportunity.

Personally, I love Canva to create visual content but there are so many other tools to create visual images that I wanted to share with you these other  tools that are also great when it comes to creating visual content .

1.  Canva When you want to create beautiful, branded visual content, Canva is a free tool that makes it possible to create blog graphics, social media posts, posters, blogs, and more.

With Canva, it’s free to upload and design with your own images. You can also use the thousands of free illustrations and images included in the Canva library. If you’re after something more, you can choose from more than one million professional stock images and graphics.


2.  Pictacoulous – Do you want to add borders and text to your images? If so, you may want to know what colors will look the best with the photo.

Pictacoulous lets you upload your photo and then helps you to figure out what colors you should use with your image for the best look.

Just upload your photo to Pictacoulous (from MailChimp) and get your answer (as shown below), or email your photo to “colors@mailchimp.com” and wait for a reply.


3.  Easely – Easily offers thousands of free design objects and infographic templates that help you create quality visual content. You can start from scratch to make something original, or you can use existing templates to create infographics faster.

This is a free website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects to create visual content. The site has drag and drop design elements, based on existing templates, or start from scratch with something completely original.


4.  Piktochart – Piktochart is a tool that provides multiple infographic themes and templates, which ensures that you won’t need to start from scratch if you’re creating your own infographics.

What you’ll love about Piktochart is the wide variety of infographic templates and themes. Instead of starting from scratch, you’re starting with 75 or 80% of a final product.


5.  Pic Monkey – If you don’t have Photoshop and you want to edit photos, Pic Monkey offers many of the basic features that come with Photoshop, such as adding text, resizing, cropping, and more. This online photo editor is mostly free, which is also a great a benefit.


6.  Over – Quickly and easily edit pictures and add text to your photos with Over. This mobile app allows you to edit photos on the go.

What’s really cool about Over is the awesome selection of graphic sets that you can purchase, including one from charitywater.

Made with Over


7. Share As Image – With this text on photo overlay tool, you can find an image and then use Share As Image to overlay text on the image. Add filters, tweak your text, and then share your new image.

Share as image

8.  PowToon– Easily create your own animated videos with PowToon, and then share them on social networks or your website.


9. Compfight – Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. They use the flickr API, but aren’t affiliated with flickr.


10.  Skitch – Skitch is an Evernote app for Macs, PCs and mobile devices that allows you to get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster. It’s great for quickly marking up images and screenshots and PDFs.

11.  Unsplash – Unsplash offers a limited collection of hi-resolution pictures for your website, particularly splash pages. You can get 10 free, hi-res photos delivered to your inbox every 10 days by joining their email list.


12.  Placeit – Placeit allows you to create instant mockups to market your app. You just supply a URL or a screenshot and they do all the image processing to create a professional image for you.

I’m sure there are many other great tools for creating visual content so please feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.


Now that you know how to create these awesome images, where are you going to put them?


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