Kalatu Premium: Why You Should Use It In Your Business

In a recent post, I talked about the advantages of having 10 blogs with Kalatu Premium, now I want to explain “What is Kalatu Premium and Who is Kalatu Premium for.

If you already have a business, you definitely should have a blog.  Search engines actually favor blogs over websites.  Blogs are much easier to set up and use and are effective in creating traffic.

Above all…anyone can do it.


Here it is…

Kalatu Premium


Kalatu is the largest for-profit blogging platform on the planet. It is created by marketers, for marketers.

Kalatu Premium is the ultimate Brand-Building platform that allows you to get your message out to your target audience locally or around the world. It’s never been easier to build your personal brand online. And with a viral blogging system like Kalatu Premium, you will have customers coming to you around the clock.

Kalatu makes things easy for things like finding the right theme for your business, determining what are the best and safest plugins, online data security, and backups for your website, lead capture and much more.

The Kalatu platform is very flexible and fully customizable to your business. No matter what your business is.




Kalatu Premium



Network Marketing –

Kalatu was built with the professional network marketer in mind. Our platform has been specifically designed to help you grow the biggest organization you’re capable of growing. We’ve helped network marketers and direct sellers, from companies across the board, build 7-figure organizations time and time again.

Affiliate Marketing – 

Kalatu was built with the affiliate marketer in mind. All our themes and our powerful list building plugins has been intelligently designed to help you build your subscriber list. Your list is your lifeblood. Kalatu has all the tools you need to convert your list (lovingly) into buyers.

Small Business – 

It’s never been easier to grow your small or traditional business with Kalatu Premium. Kalatu premium helps you get your local business recognized through the power of blogging. If you’re not leveraging blogging to get ranked and noticed in your local market, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

Real Estate Agents/Insurance Agents/Lawyers – 

I already mentioned in another post the advantages of having a blog for your real estate but again, you can post your real estate listings or furnish updated information about home loans, current short sales or whatever information that will help my customers and clients.

You will establish your home on the Web with a branded, professional Kalatu blog. As an agent, your Kalatu blog gives you instant credibility, while delivering valuable information and collecting leads twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

 Get Started With Kalatu Premiun Here.

Kalatu Premium

And when you get access to Kalatu Premium, you’ll get access to:

*10 Blogs (you can have as many as 10 blogs with one membership)

*7 minute Blog Hacks

*Premium Themes

*Premium Plugins

*Exclusive Training

*World Class Customer Service!

– Everyone on the Customer Service team knows the Kalatu platform like the back of their hand. They have a REAL, in-house team of people who actually care and are here to help you!

Kalatu Premium can help you to:

• Market your business for a fraction of the mass media costs

• Target your specific market and use your videos and content to stay in front of them 24/7

• Drive floods of organic traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo so that you always have visitors and customers visiting your site

• Post in multiple languages, so your global business doesn’t miss a beat (with just 1 button)

• Discover the tricks of the blogging trade

• Blog with the user friendly interface

And so much more…


Kalatu Premium


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