How To Change Your Mindset So You Can Change Your Life

You have heard me mention before how important your mindset is to the success of your business so “How can you change your mindset so you can change your life?”


“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Change Your Thoughts

There is nothing more powerful than changing your mindset so you can change your life.

If you want something out of life…

If you want to change yourself….

If there’s a goal you want to reach…

Changing your behaviors and overcoming negative habits will allow you to do that.

When you step into your fears and continue to push yourself something happens for you.

Never give up on your dream.

How much time do you have left? We don’t know so we have to stop wasting time.

We have to learn to become resourceful and creative.

There are no limitations to the mind

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”  Napoleon Hill


5 Ways To Help Change Your Mindset So You Can Change Your Life


Reading great inspirational and motivational books and listening to audio (I recommend the Inner Circle Audios) on a daily basis is the first step in changing your mindset so you can change your life. 

I have a list of great books to start off with on a previous post here.


Examine your mindset by looking at your current belief-system. Are these beliefs supporting you? Or are there self limiting beliefs?

You have to identify those possible blocks and turn them around. Because whether you know about limiting beliefs or not, they are working in your subconscious mind.

To uncover your beliefs ask yourself the right questions about where you want to go and what is standing in your way right now. The key then is to turn those beliefs around by declaring supportive statements on the same belief.


One thing you have to do is to protect your mindset against the naysayers and people who want to drag you down.

You also have to protect it against bad information and against overload.  Keeping your confidence is a big thing. So please stay on the right path, look to improve yourself and to help others along the way. You can’t go wrong with that.


It is impossible to change the world around you. So stop fretting when people do not come up to your expectations. The best course is to change yourself or at least adjust with the people or situations you do not like.

Never Underestimate Your Power

“Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others.” ~ Wayne Dyer


Creative Visualization refers to the practice of seeking to manifest your desires by changing your thoughts.  It is the technique of using your imagination to visualize specific things you wish to have, do or be, and/or behaviors or events you wish to occur in your life.

Everyone can visualize and in fact you already do.  Too often though it is something negative due to fear of failure and because you don’t have the conscious awareness of being in control of your thoughts.

Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill understood this too by writing,

Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts upon only thoughts which have been well-mixed with emotion or feeling;” and, “You will get no appreciable results until you learn to reach your subconscious mind with thoughts or spoken words which have been well emotionalized with belief.”

Napoleon Hill called Creative Visualization “autosuggestion” and devotes a whole chapter in “Think and Grow Rich” to its importance in achieving success.

This is only a beginning of ways to Change Your Mindset So You Can Change Your Life, but starting with these 5 tips will help you create the success in life you want.

Make this your day and don’t let ANYTHING stop you from achieving your goals, your dreams, and living the lifestyle you deserve.

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