Achievement vs Success

Understanding the difference between achievement and success is important when it comes to how you feel about yourself and whether or not you consider yourself a successful person.




Achievement and success are two words that appear alike in their meanings, but actually they show some differences between them. The word ‘achievement’ is used in connection with the realization of one’s goals.

Success is the progressive realization

On the other hand, the word ‘success’ is used in the sense of fulfilling certain conditions necessary to reach the goal.

Success is a feeling or state of being.

Success happens when you wake up in the morning and you know why you do what you do.  You are fulfilling your passion.  You are successful.

With each achievement, the tangible measurements of success and the feeling of progress increase.

Achievement comes when you pursue and attain what you want and success comes when you are in clear pursuit of why” you want it.

In other words, success leads to achievement. It can also be said that achievement is arrived at by string of successes.

You achieve a goal by attaining success along the way.  It is very important to note that success paves the way for achievement.

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