Are You Asking The Right Questions?

We all have questions and we all ask questions…but do you realize that it’s important that 

Are you asking the right questions?

In his book “Awaken The Giant Within” Tony Robbins has an entire chapter on “Questions Are The Answer”.

Are you asking yourself empowering questions or disempowering questions? 

Are you asking yourself questions at all?

Asking the right questions directs our focus, and therefore how we think and feel.

The questions you ask will determine

where your focus…

how you think…

 and also

how you feel. 

This happens many times when people ask disempowering questions that creates fear in their life. 

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.”

                              ~ Napoleon Hill ~

Fear will keep you from investing or mastering you finances. 

You may be asking the wrong questions. 

If you are concerned about your finances and want to change your financial position, you have to hold yourself to higher standards and change your beliefs about what’s possible.

“Remember, it’s not only the questions you ask, but the questions you fail to ask, that shape your destiny.” 

                                ~ Tony Robbins ~

Stop for a moment and ask yourself;

“What are you truly happy about in your life right now?” 

When you concentrate on what you are happy about right now, notice how good it makes you feel.

Once you learn how to ask empowering questions, you not only help yourself but you can help others as well. 

You can pass this information along to others. 

You need to continue to ask better questions in order to receive better answers.

Robbins shared a list of questions designed to cause you to experience more happiness, excitement, pride, gratitude, joy, commitment, and love every day of your life.  He calls these:

“The Morning Power Questions”

1.  What am I happy about today?

(What about that makes me happy?  How does that makes me feel?)

2.  What am I excited about in my life now?

(What about that makes me excited? How does that make me feel?)

3.  What am I proud about in my life now?

(What about that makes me proud?  How does that make me feel?)

4.  What am I grateful about in my life now?

(What about that makes me grateful?  How does that make me feel?)

5.  What am I enjoying most in my life right now? 

(What about that do I enjoy?  How does that make me feel?)

6.  What am I committed to in my life right now?

(What about that makes me committed?  How does that make me feel?)

7.  Who do I love?  Who loves me?

(What about that makes me loving?  How does that make me feel?)

Here are an additional 3 questions for the evening.

“The Evening Power Questions”

1.  What have I given today?

In what ways have I been a giver today?

2.  What did I learn today?

3.  How has today added to the quality of my life or how can I use today as an investment in my future?

It’s also important to understand that at some point you must stop asking questions in order to make progress.  You have to start “doing”.

Are you ready to use your personal power to follow through and begin to change the quality of your life?

If you are, I want you to take a couple of minutes to watch this video.

Are you ready for the answers?

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