The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Recently I was on a Webcast and the topic discussed was being “overwhelmed”

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

I don’t know why but it made me think about a lesson I learned from one of my mentors, Jim Rohn.

He tells the story about the day that turned his life around. 

Briefly put…

He was 25 years old, married, had a family and one day while he was home by himself he hears a knock on his door.

It was a little girl scout selling girl scout cookies.  He wanted to buy the cookies but the problem was he didn’t have the $2.

Rather than telling the little girl scout he didn’t have $2, he lied to her and said he already had lots of girl scout cookies. 

After the little girl left he said to himself  “how low can you get…lying to a girl  scout?

That was the day he said “I don’t want to live like this anymore.” 

The day that turns your life around
The Day That Turns Your Life Around

That was the day that turned his life around.

Have you been in a situation where you didn’t have the money to buy something as inexpensive as girl scout cookies? 

In this short video, Mr. Rohn talks about “4 Emotions That Can Change Your Life In A Day”.

4 Emotions That Can Change Your Life In A Day.

1.  Disgust– This is the day you say “I’ve had it!” You’re tired of the way things are. It’s called a life changing day…the day you say “enough is enough”

2.  Decision – Decisions are both powerful and emotional.  What should you do?  You must decide.  If it’s easy do it easy. If it’s hard do it hard. Just get it done.

3.  Desire – Wanting to bad enough. 

Desire comes from inside not outside. 

Desire can be triggered by something and we should welcome all human experiences because you never know which one is going to turn it all on. 

Even welcome the bad experiences because sometimes the bitterest experience will result in the greatest awaking. 

Let life touch you.

4.  Resolve – Resolve says “I will”.   

“Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose.”  Benjamin Disraeli

While talking to a group of Jr. High students, he asked them if they knew what the word resolve meant. A little Jr High girl says resolve is “promising yourself you will never give up.”

How very true….

Do you know what triggers all emotions into activity that brings results?


You must do something about how you feel. 

Be doers…not just listeners.

I remember the day that turned my life around.

I was watching a video, much like this one, and I told myself “I don’t know what he’s got but I want it too”. 

You never know what will trigger that emotion for you to say enough is enough.

It could be a video like it was for me.

A book

An audio

An act of kindness

Never give up UNTIL…However long that its.  UNTIL… happens.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

Benjamin Disraeli


Is opportunity knocking on your door right now?

Are you ready?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  

The Key is to take ACTION!

Welcome to Persistent Partners!


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