Top Places To Share Your Blog.

If blogging is part of the marketing strategy for your business, (and it should be) you need to know where to share your blog effectively so that you attract people in to your website.  Here are some of the top places to share your blog.




Social Media Groups

Many platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook allow groups which  give you great value because most people are there to network and will share your content readily. You can target your content to these audiences that have vertical groups for every audience.


Power in Images

Pinterest and Instagram generate a lot of social traffic because users find it easier to immerse themselves in a community experience that is 100% visual. Sharing a picture with your network is almost too easy and can go viral much faster than any blog could.


Often users are too busy to read and  just want to skim until something catches their eye. Since pictures can tell an effective story without saying hundreds of words, visual social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr have enjoyed tremendous growth and popularity. Brands are now taking advantage of this trend by making infographics and stories easier to find and more enjoyable to see.

Images are a powerful way to share ideas and get involvement from fans. You are not limited to just the written word. You have the ability to share images of your favorite things: foods, vacation destinations, hobbies, and many others that ar e of interest to you as well as to others.





Sharing Platforms

These are the basic social platforms that are widely used and not always targeted quite like groups are. You probably know them all; Stumbleupon, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and countless others depending on your preferences. While these provide a wider audience, that have a less targeted audience unless you join the groups these platforms offer.


Business Platforms

Depending on your business and your niche, a great amount of traffic can come from these social media platforms. BizSugar or SmallBizTrends are a couple of business platforms that can enable you to reach your target market by using keywords that relate to your group.


Linking Your Blog

Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are the most commonly known as places where you have the ability to link your blog.  Other resources are also available depending upon your target market.

Delicious is a social bookmarking site that allows you the  opportunity to create links to your blogs. You have the ability set up a free account and then simply place the link to your article or blog on their site.

StumbleUpon is a toolbar that helps you to search the web. But what you may not know is that it is also a notable place for you to put a link in to your blog, which allows browsers find it, and visit. You can create a free account with StumbleUpon and download the toolbar, and get started.

Squidoo is a community websiteplatform that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation.  If your are using Squidoo,  SquidUtils  is a place to find complementry utilities and tools for your Lenses on Squidoo. Here you can see all of your lenses and groups, with shortcuts to some of the most vital functions not included on your usual dashboard.


Building A Relationship

Social media is more of a relationship tool for building a relationship, sharing ideas, promoting people, and providing support on related issues.  Keep in mind that interaction and building a relationship is extremely important when it comes to sharing your blog on social media. 


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