How To Start An Apple Pie – First Step Is To "Make A Decision"

I started my day off right today by listening to Earl Nightingale.  


As usual, I picked up some interesting questions that I wanted to

share …just to give you something to think about.


What are your plans for increasing your income?


How much have you decided to be worth by the

time you’re 65?



A lot of times we think people who earn large incomes are

lucky, have more talent or brains than we do, or we may


think they are privy to “secrets”.



In reality only a few were lucky enough to have rich

relatives (fathers or grandfathers). 



The difference between those who earn big incomes and those

who earn small incomes is that they DECIDED to earn more.  


They made it their business to earn more.


Nightingale then gives the example of a woman who does not think

about baking an apple pie will never think about looking up

the recipe to bake an apple pie.





Without the decision for apple pie there is not motivation

for checking out the recipe. 


The same principle applies to the man who never decides to

earn more money. 


If you never think about making more money you will never look up

the rules or check out the opportunities for making more money.


People do what they make up their minds to do.    



Get rid of the idea that people make more money because they are

smarter, get more breaks, and are savvy to secrets.  These are all

alibies and can be disproved 1000 times.  People who use these

alibies are rarely honest enough to admit they didn’t try.




” We all are self-made” but only the successful will admit it.”




Nightingale suggested we make a checklist that consist of the

following 3 points.  Read this checklist until you know it by heart.


1.  “Our rewards in life will always be in exact portion to our

contrbution or service.


The money you’re paid by the company you work for will always be

in direct relation to your ability to do it and the difficulty involved in

replacing you.


2.  The Gold Mine – the key to everyone’s success lies in his/her

mind – the gold mind between his ears.  One idea can make

you rich and ideas are free. 


This about this for a moment….


How many good ideas have you come up with in the last year.  If

you continue the way you have in the past, what will you be earning

and where will you be in a year or 5 years from now.










We pass up opportunity every day in our lives.  Are you

passing one up right now?


Think deliberately and on purpose using the gold-mine

between your ears.


Did you know …...


Getting up 1 hour early everday will give you an extra 6 -1/2 extra

40 hour work weeks in a year.  You can use this “extra” time

to write your financial goals (the amount you’re going to earn

within a year).


Think about your goal and what it will mean to you and your family.


Then see how many ideas you can come up with to help you

reach that goal. Think of ideas to improve your living and ways

to increase your contribution that will increase your imcome



Try for 5 ideas everyday and save them in your “idea file”.


3.  The word “Attitude”.  Attitude is the most important word

in the human language.  People can alter their lives by altering

their attitude.


It’s another way of saying “We become what we think



Your total environment is a reflection of you as a person..(your house, neighborhood, car, job, people with whom you associate).
“Your environment is an exact mirrow of you as a human being.” ~ Earl Nightingale~


Begin now to act as the person you want to become.  Act as

though you’re already in possession of the goal you’re

shooting for.  


“Before you can do something, you must first be something” ~ 

  ~Johann Wolfgang Goethe  ~ 


Build slowly…and when you make it…you will keep it.


Practice these 3 things everyday.




Have you decided that you want to earn more money?  Or

maybe you want to help others become successful.


No matter what your reasons are, are you ready to make a

decision today? 


Are you willing to pass up another opportunity?


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Make a decision today to change your life.


Talk to you soon,








Sherry Starnes

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