Clarity In Your Business

Have you established clarity in your business? Are you clear on where you want to be in the next year? 
3 years? 5 years?



Often when talking with a prospect or client I will ask

where they see their business in the next 5 years and

they don’t have a clue.


Sure…everyone one wants a new car, new home, freedom

to travel the world, and be able to spend more time with

their family.


But the question is “What is your BUSINESS and where do

you see your business in the next few years?  


You have to be clear on the vision you have for your business

and have a plan of action in place to achieve this vision.

If you do not have a goal for your business you will never be

able to achieve your personal goals.  Your business is the

lifeblood of how you will reach your personal goals.


Do you know who your target market is and are you reaching

out to them? If you are jumping from one business to another

or purchasing products that are getting you know where, it’s

time to get focused. 


Take a few minutes right now to think about how you are contributing to the marketplace.  Are you providing a solution

to the problem of the people in your niche?  How are you

reaching out them?


I hope this providing you with some insight and will help

you set a direction on reaching your goals.


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 Today is the day to take ACTION.


Sherry Parks Starnes

Sherry Starnes  






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