"Keys To Success" by Napoleon Hill – Part 3

Continuing on with my review of the book “Keys To Success”

by Napoleon Hill – The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement-

this article is going to review principle #4 

Use Applied Faith and principle #5 Go The Extra Mile


 In previous articles I discussed principles:

#1  Develop Definiteness of Purpose

#2.  Establish a Mastermind Alliance

#3  Assemble an Attractive Personality


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Faith is your awareness of, belief in, and harmonizing with the universal

powers.  You should not simply have faith; you must use it.

1.  Understand Infinite Intelligence
a.  The Expernal World
b.  The Internal World

2.  Overcoming Disbelief
a.  Express a definite desire for the achievement of a purpose,
and relate it to one or more of the basic human motives.
b.  Create a definite and specific plan for attaining that desire
c.  Start acting on that plan, putting every conscious effort behind it.

3.  Overcoming Fear ( 7 basic fears)
a.  Fear of Poverty
b.  Fear of Criticism
c.  Fear of Ill Health
d.  Fear of Loss of Love
e.  Fear of Old Age
f.  Fear of Loss of Liberty
g.  Fear of Death

We all have at least one of these fears and probably

many of them.

4.  Replacing Fear With Hope
5.  Demonstrating the Power of Your Faith

The key to putting your faith into action is to have a positive mental 

attitude.  In the book, Hill lists 10 steps to building your faith and

positive mental attitude (PMA)


#5  Go The Extra Mile



Benefit of Doing More Than You Are Paid For:

a.  The Lay of Increasing Returns
b.  The Law of Compensation
c.  Gaining Favorable Attention
d.  Becoming Indispensable
e.  Self Improvement
f.  Favorable Contrast
g.  Pleasing Attitude
h.  Self-Confidence
i.  Overcoming Procrastination

The Extra Mile Formula

Q(1) is the quality of service rendered
Q(2) is the quantity of service rendered
MA is the mental attitde inwhich it is rendered

“Compensation” means all the things that come into

your life: money, joy, harmony with others, spiritual, 

faith, an open mind, a sense of tolerance, or anything

else worthwile that you seek.


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