How To Get Started Blogging

Have you ever struggled over what to write about on

your blog? Or, maybe you haven’t even started your

business because you are unfamiliar with blogging?



I’ll be the first to admit that when I started blogging

I didn’t have a clue what to blog about.  Fortunately,

I am on an awesome team, the Prosperity Team, within

Empower Network that actually furnishes “done for you

content” until you feel comfortable blogging on your own.


Blogging is super fun and easy.


A couple of things you want to remember when

blogging is (1) know your market (niche) and

(2) know your topic so you can furnish valuable

content to your readers.


Relevancy is also important.  Stick to the topic

you have chosen so you don’t confuse your readers

by jumping from one subject to another without getting

your point across.


Whatever you choose to blog about make sure you

are blogging with a Purpose.  The purpose is to furnish

valuable content so the readers will keep returning to

your site for more information. When you blog with

a purpose you will make a lot more money, blogging

will become fun and you will start generating the leads

you need to scale your business.



More than likely your main purpose is to get people

to purchase your product.  Having a call to action is a

MUST.  Without a call to action, your readers will

not know what you are offering and what you want

them to do.  Make your call to action stand out and

specific in what you want them to do such as “click

here” for more information.


Keep in mind that blogging helps you position yourself

as an expert in your area.  When furnishing valuable

content, your readers will come to know, like, and trust you.

By answering questions, providing a solution to

problems, and helping readers make better decisions you will

become thought of as an authority on your topic.


Consistency is also very important.  You want to

furnish new and updated information so your

readers will have a reason to come back to your blog. 

If you don’t consistency furnish valuable

information your readers will search for answers

somewhere else. So, how often should you update

your blog?  Daily would be a great goal but if time

doesn’t permit you to do that, I would suggest 4-5

times a week.


I hope you received value from this post and could

love for you to leave comments below.


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