Income vs Net Income

What is the difference between income and net income?


If you are a business owner (even a home business owner)
it is important that you know and understand that there is a
major difference between the two.


The term income is often mistakenly used interchangeably
with the term net income but there is actually a huge difference.


Income is term which is loosely used to mean the total earnings
of the business.


Net income, is the net profit or net earnings, is a bottom-line
calculation that factors in many other financial components. 


Let’s use this example…


We will image that you have a widget business.  Your goal is to
earn $10,000 per month selling widgets.  At the end of the month
you look back over your sales and see that you sold $10,000 in
widgets.  Awesome right?


Not necessarily…What if you earned $10,000 from the sale of
widgets but you spent $9,000 on advertizing, campaigns, marketing,
fees, and other related expenses you incurred while getting the $10,000
in sales?


That’s where the “net income” comes in.  In this particular scenario,
you would have only had a “net income” of $1,000.


I know this may sound like an accounting lesson but believe me,
it is a very important accounting lesson.


When setting your goals (Major Definite Purpose) which I hope you
have done, remember that you are seeking “net income” or “profit”.


“By the first day of ­­­­­­­­­________, I will have in my possession 
$________________ PROFIT (net income/residual income) which will
come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.”


Being specific in setting your goals is a must that’s why it is i
mportant to know the difference between income (sales) and
net income (profit).


To put it as simply as possible income – expenses = net income.



Obviously, there are more factors to consider in the accounting
equation but for the purpose of this article, we are not going into
assets, liabilities, profit & loss, equity, return on assets or other 
aspects of operating a successful business.


Those components will be discussed in future articles.


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