Month: July 2013

As We Grow Others, We Grow Ourselves – Countdown – 53 Days!

I was recently reading a book by Jack Canfield in which he pointed out some very tips regarding Coaching others. If you haven’t heard of Jack Canfield, which I’m sure most of your have, he is the co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. Here are a few points that he made in

Having A Clear Mental Picture – Countdown – 54 Days

The foundation of your business depends upon you having a clear mental picture (image) of what you want your perfect business, your perfect life to look like.   It is necessary that you take the time to write down exactly how you want your day to go each and every day. Watch the video below

It's Game Time! Only 55 Days To Go!

  Are you ready to get in the game? You may think this sounds like and old cliche’ but the truth is “you are at the right place, at the right time.” I believe you are reading this for a reason.  Maybe you have a vision…or maybe you don’t. I don’t know what your vision

Getting Through Turbulence In Your Business

I’m sure at some point all of us have experienced some form of turbulence in our business as well as in out personal life. Today, I was listening to an “Inner Circle Audio” (available through Empower Network) and one of the leaders who was speaking was explaining steps to take to overcome and conquer the

Sneak Preview – Empower Network ENV2 – Viral Blogging System

I’m sure you have already heard all the BUZZ about Empower Network‘s ENV2 Viral Blogging System. Empower Network is launching Empower Network Version 2.0 in less than 60 days. Are you ready to rock with us as we rock the world?     Without giving alway all the details watch the video below to get a

Empower Network's New Blogging Platform

Hold on to your seat! Empower Network is launching a “New Blogging Platform” that will absolutely blow everything other platform out of the water.   Watch my video to find out more.   Watch the next video with some of my team leaders and members who were also in Denver and hear what they have

Do I Have A Southern Accent?

 Do I really have a Southern Accent? What do you think?  The only way you will know is to watch my video below.  Or, maybe (and hopefully) you have already seen my videos and you already know that I do.     So…Do I have an accent?  Leave you comment below. While attending an Event