Psycho-Cybernetics and Failures

A few days ago I posted a blog in which I composed a quick review of the acronym that MaltzMaxwell Maltz used for SUCCESS in his book “The New Pyscho-Cybernetics”.  Today, I felt it appropriate to also share his acronym for FAILURE.

This section of the book discusses “How to Avoid Accidentally Activating Your Automatic Failure Mechanism”.  Again, I would like to highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of this book.  Read it, study it, and apply it.


Loneliness (lack of “oneness”)

Frustration – is an emotional feeling that develops whenever some important goal cannot be realized or when some strong desire is thwarted.  All of us must necessarily suffer some frustration by the very fact of being human and therefore imperfect, incomplete, unfinished.

Aggression – The Automatic Failure Mechanism does not direct aggresiveness toward the accomplishment of a worthwhile goal.  Instead it is used in such self-destructive channels as ulcers, high blood pressure, worry, excessive drinking, or compulsive overwork.

Insecurity – The feeling of insecurity is based on a concept or belief of inner inadequacy. If you feel that you do not measure up to what is required, you feel insecure.

Loneliness – All of us feel lonely at some time but it is the extreme and chronic feeling of loneliness – of being cut off and alienated from other people-that is the work of the Automatic Failure Mechanism.

Uncertainty – Uncertainty if a way of avoiding mistakes and responsibility.  It is based on the fallacious premise that if no decision is made, nothing can go wrong.  Being wrong holds untold horrors to the person who tries to conceive of himself as perfect.

Resentment – People in the firm grip of the Automatic Failure Mechanism resent the success and happiness of others because they are proof that life is short changing them and they are being treated unfairly.

Emptiness – Emptiness is a symptom that you are not living creatively.  You either have no goal that is important enough to you, or you are not using your talents and efforts in striving toward and important goal.

Life is worthwhile only when you have firmly fixed in your sights your worthwhile goals.

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