How To Choose A Bank


How to Choose a Bank


 At some point in time, we have all had to consider how to choose a bank.

Watch the video below to see some tips on what you should consider on how to choose a bank and the decision I am making today.


Here are a few things to consider

  • Location. Does the bank have branches in the areas where you work and live? Is that going to be a factor to you on how to your a bank?  Sometimes it is all about location, location, location.
  • Availability of ATMs. The ATMs owned by your bank won’t charge you to withdraw cash, but other banks’ ATMs will. Does the bank have machines in locations that are convenient for you?
  • Hours. Do you work during the day? Perhaps you need a bank that has extended hours’some are even open on Sundays.
  • Customer service. Do their customer service offerings fit your needs?
  • Online banking. The Internet has made it very convenient to keep track of your finances online. When deciding how to choose a bank find out if the bank you’re considering provides online access to your account.
  • Credit unions are an option. Credit unions differ from banks in several ways. They’re designed to serve a particular group or neighborhood, and users are members rather than customers.

How to Choose a Bank : Other Options

Does it pay interest on checking? Can you connect your accounts for overdraft protection.

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